Welcome to My Blog, Reloaded!

Charles Charles Follow May 08, 2017 · 1 min read
Welcome to My Blog, Reloaded!
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With the reboot, some things have changed. First, I’ve moved my site from GitHub Pages to Medium. Github you’re still great! I just needed to simplify publishing content from my mobile devices, and I haven’t found a good git client for iOS.

Also, I’ve pruned away some of my hobbies like travel and running to focus on more valuable content. Going forward this site will be dedicated to machine learning, deep learning, data science and artificial intelligence research with a mix how I’m applying them to solve everyday problems.

The frequency of my articles is also going to increase. And while it might take a few weeks to get the balance right you can expect a longer article on Mondays followed by shorter more frequent posts during the week to highlight either a new approach, algorithm, or tool that I’ve come across.

As always, if you have questions please leave them in the comments or reach out over Twitter.

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Written by Charles Follow
Hi, I am Charles, welcome to my blog!